Disassemble HEQ5 Pro SynScan

She is my first love, we met twelve years ago, thanks to my family, I was able to afford it, I have beautiful memory with her, to keep for the rest of my life, but she still have lots to give and so today is time to clean her!

I decided to strip down my mount a second time, during a period of inactivity, and since I don’t have time to use it, better to get it in shape for when will be used.

I put here some of the photos I took during the strip and I will comments them if I feel to share some thoughts about it.

It should be said though, stripping this mount is not easy nor hard, but require knowledge and lot of patience. Before starting anything, you should know well, what steps you need to do and also you need to take your time, don’t try to go harsh or too fast or you might have a bad day.

I highly recommend to read the well made guide by Astrobaby about the stripping of the HEQ5. I read the guide many times before attempting the disassembling.

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Premiere Pro – From Import to Export (Simple Workflow)

1. Prepare the workspace

During this simple workflow I will use some panels that might not be visible if you are using the default workspace, so I am going to customize it a little bit, I prefer to have all the panels I use in one workspace, since every time I switch between them the application hang for a few seconds and just slow me down. The panels you will use are, Project, Source Monitor, Program Monitor, Audio Meters, Timeline, Tools, and Media Browser.

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