NGC 4945 Almost Perfect Shot…

Not at the center as I hoped but still made my day, I took this photo with iTelescope T17, a really big reflector, 432mm f/6.7 and a CCD with high QE.

NGC 4945 is a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Centaurus, visible near the star Xi Centauri. The galaxy was discovered by James Dunlop in 1826 and is thought to be similar to the Milky Way Galaxy, although X-ray observations show that NGC 4945 has an unusual energetic Seyfert 2 nucleus that might house a supermassive black hole.


The final image is the combination of 4 images at 120 seconds in Luminance, processed with IRIS and Lightroom CC.

I leave here a link to Google Drive where I put all the raw and processed images if someone is interested.

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