How to make cool photos with One-Shoot focus mode

Digital cameras all have a common option, the focus mode, if you are used to just take pictures without any manual intervention, than you might be interested in reading more about it. I want to talk about focus and why is important to know how your camera do it, and what are the options you can choose to make your photo style a little more unique and diversified.

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Mirrorless or SLR the endless reflection

I was looking at what advantages has a DSLR compared to a mirrorless camera and I can tell you that there are not many actually, choosing one or another is not really related to the final quality of the photo or video, here I want to list some of the notable characteristics that I think should be considered when choosing one or another.

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Handheld Stabilizer HD-2000

HD2000 Carbon Fiber Steadicam Handheld Stabilizer for Camera Video Camcorder

I bought the stabilizer from AliExpress, it is very similar to the Glidecam HD-2000, for name and for its look and payload, but is way cheaper, I will not do any comparisons, instead I will talk about my first impressions and experience I had with the the HD2000, sold by the company Qingzhuangshidai.

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