This is my first light, I bought it on Amazon, from GVM, is the 560AS Video Light. It is small, light, it comes with a nice handbag where you can put the light with the power and accessories. Inside the box you find the light of course, the power, cables and soft light panel, and manual on how to use it and link it with your device.

It has two knobs to change temperature and brightness and a small LCD where you see the actual value; the temperature range from 2300K to 6800K. It also has a remote application to use on iOS or Android, that connect with WiFi to the light and you can change these settings remotely, nothing fancy but it does the work. The power consumption should be 30W at max power, that is less than anย incandescent bulb light I suppose, so nothing to worry about.

Since the light is quite light, it does not require an heavy light stand, this one from Amazon perfectly suit my need.

From my small knowledge about lights, I have to say that even for a small set, indoor, you might want two of these light at least, with only one light and no natural light coming from the outside, the ambient can still be a little dark.

So if you are interested you can find the light on Amazon here.

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