Galaxy NGC2403 and Surroundings

Photo taken with T5 in New Mexico, a reflector 0.25m f/3.4 and camera CCD SBIG ST-10XME. It’s the composition of 3 images with exposition of 120 seconds per light frame.

As usual I processed the images with IRIS and Lightroom CC to make it prettier.
To analyze the photo I used Astrometrica for data calibration, than APT to extract an object list and with Aladin, TOPCATA and CDS Portal website I tried to find some interesting objects around the galaxy.

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M100 with ASTRA Remote Telescope by Susy Ghia

The images have been shot by Susy Ghia using ASTRA Remote Telescope #4, a refractor 90mm f/4.5 with SBIG ST-8300M.

M100 and surrounding

This is the result of four images for a total exposure of 35 minutes, I used IRIS for registering and stacking the images, also I applied the Asinh filter to stretch the image to increase the details, than with Lightroom CC I increased the sharpness and reduced the noise a little bit to make it pretty.

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