2020: What am I going to do?

I wrote a to do list in 2019, I failed to achieve most of the points on that list.

In 2019 I started to do a mini vlog series to practice in front of the camera and it was a way to try something new and learn how to properly use my gear, than I did some really basic tutorial of Premiere Pro CC but I didn’t keep up with them, there are already so many out there that I didn’t feel inspired to make new ones. I learn a lot about audio and how to set it right on PP, so I am quite satisfied about it.

I keep doing this music video for myself mostly, the content on my channel is quite boring, if watched by someone else other than me. I started this fictional company of mine, Disco Film, and I like it, I had lots of inspiration from Peter McKinnon and Matti Haapoja.

I like doing emotional videos, is really easy to find ideas when you travel, probably that’s why there are so many travel videos out there. But who is really interested in seeing travel videos other than who made it?

I don’t know the cause but my mood is a total mess, and I feel like it is the main reason why I can’t make almost anything work out as I want. To make interesting content, to make anything worth it to see, I should be happy, inspired, willing to learn, practice as much as possible and be positive about my goals and life.

I need to improve on many points here.

What am I interested the most to watch on YouTube? I like watching tutorials and get advice to improve film making skill, also I like watching music videos that inspire me to do more.

So in 2020, I think I should do the same, but here comes my negativity taking over my goals for the new year…

If you can not be happy trying to do what you ‘think’ you like, should you keep doing what you don’t like instead? Definitely something to think about in 2020.

Disassemble HEQ5 Pro SynScan

She is my first love, we met twelve years ago, thanks to my family, I was able to afford it, I have beautiful memory with her, to keep for the rest of my life, but she still have lots to give and so today is time to clean her!

I decided to strip down my mount a second time, during a period of inactivity, and since I don’t have time to use it, better to get it in shape for when will be used.

I put here some of the photos I took during the strip and I will comments them if I feel to share some thoughts about it.

It should be said though, stripping this mount is not easy nor hard, but require knowledge and lot of patience. Before starting anything, you should know well, what steps you need to do and also you need to take your time, don’t try to go harsh or too fast or you might have a bad day.

I highly recommend to read the well made guide by Astrobaby about the stripping of the HEQ5. I read the guide many times before attempting the disassembling.

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Goals of 2019

  • Release PP Basic Series Tutorial one or two videos.
  • Practice talking in front of camera.
  • Build a sort of studio with standing desk to share with my wife.
  • Release PP Advance Series Tutorial one or two videos.
  • Release a daily vlog on how was my day, short video 2 minutes maybe.
  • Master audio editing on Premiere Pro.
  • Release a RealRally video every week.
  • Reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube… Yep.
  • Travel with my wife

Premiere Pro – From Import to Export (Simple Workflow)

1. Prepare the workspace

During this simple workflow I will use some panels that might not be visible if you are using the default workspace, so I am going to customize it a little bit, I prefer to have all the panels I use in one workspace, since every time I switch between them the application hang for a few seconds and just slow me down. The panels you will use are, Project, Source Monitor, Program Monitor, Audio Meters, Timeline, Tools, and Media Browser.

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