Premiere Pro – Tutorial Series

Premiere Pro Basics – #1 Workspace & Preferences

  1. Check official Adobe tutorials
  2. Make a new project (change the location)
  3. Workspace, brief explanation
    • timeline
    • program monitor
    • source monitor
    • project tab
    • audio meters
  4. Edit > Preferences
    • audio > play audio while scrubbing
    • audio > mute input during timeline recording
    • audio hardware
    • auto save > automatically save every 5 minutes
    • media > enable proxies
    • media > enable hardware accelerated decoding
    • media cache > media cache files location
    • media cache > delete unused media cache files
    • media cache > media cache management > auto delete files
    • timeline > at playback end, return to the beginning when restarting playback
    • timeline > play work area after rendering previews

Premiere Pro Basics – #2 Simple Workflow

  1. Import sample clips, and music
  2. Check clips properties, audio properties
  3. Show source panel, clips review, in/out marks and markers
  4. Fix audio gain for video and audio files
  5. Create a sequence from the ‘new item’ button
  6. Create a sequence from a clip (check fps)
  7. Create a sequence from multiple clips (check fps)
  8. Check sequence properties
  9. Show the program panel
  10. Modify sequence properties if required, no need to make a new one
  11. Clip insert and overwrite from the source panel (in/out marks)
  12. sequence > selection follows playhead (issue with markers)
  13. Put music into the sequence
  14. Fast adjustment audio gain using ‘essential sound’ panel
  15. Verify the audio volume on the audio meters, no spikes above -3
  16. Music -> essential sound > fix the loudness
  17. Ready to export for sharing on Internet
  18. File > export > media
    • export settings > format > H.264
    • check the output name / location of the video
    • export settings > video > bitrate encoding > VBR, 1 pass
    • export settings > video > bit-rate encoding > Target Bit-rate > 25 Mbps (1080
    • export!

Premiere Pro Basics – #3 Timeline & Fast Editing

How to edit a sequence from the timeline

Premiere Pro Basics – #4 Labels & Masks & Nested Sequence

Add text to videos and learn how to use masks for comparison videos also nested sequence to organize your project

Premiere Pro Basics – #5 Voice Over Recording

Record your voice over the video, with basic audio optimization

Premiere Pro Basics – #6 Slow Motion & Frame Rate

How to add slow motion to your sequence, understand about frame rates

Premiere Pro Advanced – #1 Audio Optimization

Tutorial about audio effects, DeNoise, DeEsser, Compressor, Equalizer and Hard Limiter

Premiere Pro Advanced – #2 Masking & Tracking

How to create cool effects using masking and tracking

Premiere Pro Advanced – #3 Proxies & Custom Ingest Preset

How to speed up your workflow using low quality videos during editing and how to create custom ingest presets using Media Encoder

Premiere Pro Advanced – #4 Master File, Project Archive & Export Settings

How to export the master file, archiving your project using lossless quality preset

Premiere Pro Advanced – #5 Nested Sequence

A more complete tutorial about nested sequence and why they are useful not just for organizing your project