There is a page dedicated to the LUTs Creative Pack 2019 where I explain in more detail the content, so please take a look at that page to get a better idea.

Six presets to choose from, the image is more contrasted, the saturation is variable depending on the preset but in the overall colors are less saturated except for those that need to pop up, the white and black are corrected to look as they should, white and black, without any contamination of colors.

I tried to create a diversified choice of presets to choose from, some fit better than other depending on the light of your film or photos they might looks similar each other but they are not, highlights, shadows, mid tones, tone curves, and other details are changed to create a slightly different mood. I prefer to keep changes as light as I can, and keep the natural looking of the shot, also more you change and more high is the risk of falling in the dark side of color grading.

Keep in mind that a LUT is just a starting point, you will need to make some changes to your color profile after applied and always color correct your video before applying any color grading otherwise the result might be different.

What You Get

Inside the archive file you will find six LUT preset files with .cube extension, they can be imported into most of the video editing programs that support the LUT .cube extension (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, etc.).

Check the video below to see how to apply the color profile on Adobe Premiere Pro