Convert a CUBE file into a PNG file, using FREE software!

I like Premiere Pro CC, the application is for video editing and it has an intuitive tool, Lumetri Color, for post processing, I like the fact that I can create a standard LUT profile from the Lumetri Color effect, you might not know that but you can actually export all your changes into a LUT profile (.CUBE extension), just right click at the top of Lumetri Color tab and you will see the export option. After you have the LUT profile you can use it in other applications but some of them only support PNG file, is possible to save your LUT as PNG file but I don’t want to buy Photoshop CC to do that! Even Lightroom CC doesn’t have support for LUT (I don’t know about Lightroom CC Classic).

I found Polarr, is a software you can find on the Microsoft store, it has a free version and a full version that you can purchase. But with my surprise in the free version there is the option to import a LUT profile! You can also make some changes and export it again! I can’t believe is true!
So you can have the same LUT for videos and photos! I can keep doing post processing on Premiere Pro CC and I can use Polarr to apply the same profile on photos as well, how awesome is this?

Lightroom CC post processing is easy to use but unfortunately I can’t export the changes as LUT (or I can’t find the way!), it only allow you to export the profile in its own proprietary format. Shame on you Adobe!

Now to come back to the point of this post, you need a LUT in a PNG format, well you can do this pretty easily now, you need to load a neutral profile in PNG format into Polarr (I will leave a link below to download it) and than import your LUT profile into the application, than just save the result again as PNG, ready to be used on OBS or ReShade or whatever application require it!

If you have Premiere Pro CC, you don’t need Polarr to export the LUT profile in PNG, you can just import the neutral LUT in PNG directly into Premiere Pro, you creare a sequence from it, then you can add an Adjustment Layer on top of it and apply the LUT profile, using the Lumetri Color effect, than you can use the frame export button that you should have in the monitor panel to save it as PNG and you have the same result, if you don’t have the button you can add it, just follow the tutorial here.

I struggled a little bit figuring out how to do this conversion this is why I wrote this tutorial, in the end it was easier than expected, I hope it helps anyway.

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