Focuser – Where Is The Damn Friction Screw?

My focuser is a PrimaLuceLab 2,7″ Hybrid-Drive.

My problem is that with CCD, barlow and Diagonal the focuser slides during focus operation, so I know there is a friction screw somewhere, but there are many screws, on Google I found a blueprint of the focuser and I found the correct screw, so I tight the screw a little bit and I resolved, below there is a photo of the focuser, hope it will help others!

My HEQ5 Synscan Naked!

Yes I decided to clean my mount finally after… 10 years!

It wasn’t that hard, I followed the guide of astrobaby ( and I recorded my work so to watch again to remember the process and doing it in reverse to put all together.

At the end now I have a much more smooth Right Ascension axis and hopefully I will have a better guide experience!

Soon I will do some test and measure the periodic error.

No more fear after the first time!

IMG_20180107_233229 IMG_20180107_233200

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Atik Titan – Gain and Read Noise Analysis

This is an analysis of gain and read noise of the CCD Atik Titan.
I used as samples, two bias frame and two photos of M27 taken with 60 seconds of exposure, even though it should be done with flat frames, as said in my documentation, probably because they have a better signal to noise ratio.

Anyway the result are in line with the official website specification so I am more than satisfied.

Here you can download the sample images I used.

STD Mean Pixel Atik Titan Specification
Bias1 21,04 1235,00
Bias2 20,95 1235,00 FWC (e-) 22500,00
Flat1 468,87 11883,83 ADC (bit) 16,00
Flat2 492,62 11798,47 Readout Noise (e-) 7,00
  FWC (e-/ADU) 2,91
Mean (Bias1 + Bias2) 2470,00
Mean (Flat1 + Flat2) 23682,30
STD (flat1 – flat2) 419,72
STD (bias1 – bias2) 29,51
Gain (ADU) 0,12
Gain (e-/ADU) 0,35 Gain Factor (e-/ADU) 0,34
Read Noise 2,53 Readout Noise (ADU) 2,40