HEQ5 Pro SynScan Periodic Error Analysis

This is my first analysis of the Periodic Error after I stripped down and cleaned up the mount some months ago.

  • Mount: HEQ5 Pro SynScan
  • Telescope: PrimaLuce Airy ED90
  • Guiding Telescope: Refractor A 60mm, F 230mm
  • Guiding CCD: QHY 5L-II Monochrome

Periodic Error recorded with EQMOD PE registration tool.

Worm Period: 638 Secs
Steps/Period: 66844
Sample Count: 3190
Sample Int.: 1.00 Secs
Trend: Y = 0.0086X + -5.0
Peak PE+: 12.86 arcsecs
Peak PE-: -10.39 arcsecs
RMS PE: 5.69 arcsecs
MaxRate: 1.14 arcsec/S
MaxRate: 0.08 x sidereal
Av. PE+: 4.70 arcsecs
Av. PE-: -5.15 arcsecs
Max Delta+: 3.10 arcsecs
Max Delta-: -2.63 arcsecs
Av. Noise: 4.75 arcsecs

Not bad at all!

I am absolutely satisfied with the result thanks also to the good worm adjustment I was able to achieve, after many hit and miss.

Below you can download the PE file recorded with EQMOD.


PECPrec software used for analysis.

EQMOD software for recording.

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