Galaxy M81 with iTelescope T5

Composition of 6 images at 120 seconds of exposition per image in R channel, I used the iTelescope T5 in Mexico, a 0.25m f/3.4 reflector with SBIG ST-10XME CCD.

I used IRIS for registration and stacking, and a little bit of Lightroom CC to make the final photo a little more pleasant, the raw images have been calibrated using MaximDl by iTelescope.

I used other software like Astrometrica, Topcat, Aladin and the website CDS Portal to analyze the frame.

Messier 81 (also known as NGC 3031 or Bode’s Galaxy) is a grand design spiral galaxy about 12 million light-years away, with a diameter of 90,000 light years, about half the size of the Milky Way, in the constellation Ursa Major


Name: M81
Coordinates: 09h55m33.2s +69d03m55s
Redshift: -0.000113 +/- 0.000013
Distance from Earth: 12 Million Ly
Velocity: -34 km/s
Size: 100000 Ly
Image from CDS Portal
Machine generated alternative text:
ked-c rop•grad2 
26.32' Q 17113'

2MASX J09591114+6915296

Name: 2MASX J09591114+6915296
Type: Galaxy
Coordinates: 09:59:10.83 +69:15:30.7
Redshift: 0.003546
Distance from Earth: 50 Million Ly
Velocity: 1000 km/s
Size: 5000 Ly
Image from CDS Portal

2MASX J09583034+6902049

Name: 2MASX J09583034+6902049
Coordinates: 09:58:30.22 +69:02:05.0
Redshift: 0.059097
Distance from Earth: 800 Million Ly
Velocity: 17000 km/s
Size: 160000 Ly
Image from CDS Portal

All raw and processed images on Google Drive if someone interested.

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