Testing AIRY ED90 with Atik Titan and QHY5L-II

Testing payload and focus with my two cameras Atik Titan and QHY5L-II on AIRY ED90 with the following components:

With AIRY ED90 – Refractor 90mm Aperture – 500mm Focal length

Sadly looks like the diagonal is required in order to use CCD cameras and eyepieces with this telescope.


Atik Titan with Diagonal and no filters ( Focal length 495mm )


Atik Titan with Diagonal + Barlow 2x ( Focal length ~1000mm )


Atik Titan with Diagonal + Eyepiece ProZoom 24mm ( Focal length ~1200mm )

Without saying that this configuration is really heavy, way too long and can’t balance the mount in dec…


Atik Titan with Diagonal + Eyepiece 20mm ( Focal length ~1500mm )


Atik Titan with Diagonal + Eyepiece 16mm ( Focal length ~2000mm )


QHY5L-II with Diagonal and no filters ( Focal length 495mm )


QHY5L-II with Diagonal and Barlow 2x ( Focal length ~1000mm )


New Telescope First Moon

One of the first test with my new telescope.

  • Refractor PrimaLuce  Airy ED90
  • Mount Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Synscan
  • CCD QHY5L-II Monochrome
  • XP 90° 31,8mm dielectric mirror diagonal

This is a mosaic result of a 15 seconds video with an exposition of 0.06 seconds ( ~200 frames ).

Align, stack and elaboration has been made with Registax.


My New Telescope!

My new telescope!

Diameter: 60mm

Focal Length: 230mm

Ocular: PrimaLuceLab Lantanio ProZoom 8-24mm


just kidding…

Anyway if you get this compact refractor and you are that type that you like to open everything to understand how it works, be careful when you open the upper part, the lens is kept fixed by the two part connected and as soon as you remove the hood the lens might fall.


IMG_8390 IMG_8389 IMG_8388 IMG_8387 IMG_8393 IMG_8392 IMG_8391