Leo Triplet by Susy Ghia with ASTRA Telescope

The photo has been shot by Susy Ghia using ASTRA remote telescope #2

The Leo Triplet (also known as the M66 Group) is a small group of galaxies about 35 millionlight-years away[5] in the constellationLeo. This galaxy group consists of the spiral galaxiesM65M66, and NGC 3628


The photo has been processed with IRIS (registration, stacking, gradient removal, cleanup) and than passed on Lightroom CC for the final editing.

I used Astrometrica for data reduction than I generated a source list with corrected apparent magnitude (magnitude zero point +24.62) using Aperture Photometry Tool.

Below is a list of objects I found interesting to analyze, the information I wrote are from the CDS Portal website using Simbad and Ned database.

For comparison, for every object I put the image from CDS Portal and the image captured with ASTRA telescope.

IC 2725 (2MASX J11195746+1325455)

Coordinates: 11h19m57.440s +13d25m45.41s
Redshift: 0.08462 +/- 0.00019
Distance from Earth: 1.3 Billion Ly
Size: 170000 Ly
Radial Velocity: 25000 Km/s


Photo from CDS Portal

NGC 3628

Coordinates: 11h20m16.970s, +13d35m22.86s
Redshift: 0.002812 +/- 0.000003
Radial Velocity: 840 km/s
Distance from Earth: 57 Million Ly
Size: 140000 Ly


Photo from CDS Portal

M65 (NGC 3623)

Coordinates: 11 18 55.957 +13 05 31.96
Redshift: 0.00254 [0.00014]
Radial Velocity: 800 Km/s
Distance from Earth: 55 Million Ly
Size: 120000 Ly


Photo from CDS Portal

M66 (NGC 3627)

Coordinates: 11 20 15.026 +12 59 28.64
Redshift: 0.00234 [0.00014]
Radial Velocity: 730 Km/s
Distance from Earth: 50 Million Ly
Size: 90000 Ly


Photo from CDS Portal

Link to Google Drive where you can download original files.

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